3 Amazing Benefits of Group Training

3 Amazing Benefits of Group Training

Group Fitness Workouts at Freedom Fitness Gyms in Corpus Christi

Whether you’re new to fitness or a long-time member of our Corpus Christi gyms, anyone can enhance their fitness by working out in a group setting. Being part of a group can boost your motivation and make exercise more fun!

Here are a few reasons why our group training classes can help you meet your fitness goals:

Meet New People

Group fitness classes are the ideal place to meet new, like-minded people. Members you meet in class can help you to stick with your goals and make new ones. These positive influences are important to long-term success and a great new reason to get to the gym.


It may sound cliché, but it’s true. Being part of a “fit fam” can actually be hugely beneficial. By being part of our Freedom Fitness family, you will find support and guidance from people who are on the same journey as you. Whether that journey is to better your health and wellness or improve your strength and endurance, there will always be someone who has your back.


The best way to motivate yourself to push through that extra rep is by having other people by your side to cheer you on. Plus, it’s hard not to get inspired by your group.

There will always be someone stronger than you in class. Let that motivate you, not intimidate you! When you see someone next to you lifting heavier or moving faster, it will inspire you to push your limits.

Join Group Training at Freedom Fitness!

The best gyms in Corpus Christi offer a large range of classes, from super intense boot camp drills to the gently effective poses of yoga. Our fitness center locations also offer Kids Fit — age-appropriate exercise activities for kids from ages 3-13.

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