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3 Tips for Fitness Success

3 Tips for Fitness Success

Achieve Your Goals with Freedom Fitness in Corpus Christi

How do you make things happen? Are you a planner or do you work things out as your go along?


Spontaneity is great and lends itself to all kinds of adventurous fun! But when it comes to health and fitness, setting goals — and developing a plan to achieve them — is important. When you start off with a goal in mind, and a road map to get there, you’re more likely to succeed.


We know that not everyone is geared toward planning and organization; but if you’ve come to the gym with a target in mind, having a plan is the most effective and efficient way to achieve it.


Whether it’s weight loss, greater endurance, or breaking through a plateau, setting your course on a successful roadmap (which takes some planning and knowledge) is the surest route to success.


To help you get started, Freedom Fitness gyms in Corpus Christi offer a few ideas to consider as you start (or advance) your fitness journey.


    1. Be Specific.When setting your fitness goals, be specific. By stating your target in terms you can measure, you’ll be able to track your successes.For example, “I want to lose weight,” is a great goal — but “I want to lose 20 pounds” is even better. “I need to increase upper body strength” is admirable, but “I want to bench press my body weight” is beast mode.Both goals take planning and a routine that is safe, correct in form, and doable, and both can be measured as you advance.


    1. Be RealSetting reasonable goals will help you achieve initial success — and that will keep you motivated and determined to keep going. Setting your sights too high, especially if working out is new to you, may lead to frustration and discouragement.Instead, be realistic. You know your own level of commitment and daily schedule. Be honest with yourself in how much time and effort you’re willing to dedicate.You’ll get there! Just be patient with yourself and you’ll advance over time. Start slow and finish strong!


  1. Be ReadyIt’s time to take action! Freedom Fitness gyms in Corpus Christi provide services and amenities for every fitness goal, including personal training to help members achieve them.From the start, personal trainers work with you to identify achievable goals, based on your current fitness level, and help you build a plan to accomplish them.They’ll also keep you motivated and enthused about the positive changes you’re working so hard to achieve.


Remember, anything worthwhile takes focus, work, and patience. Ready to make that next move?