Cardio Fitness
Boost Your Heart Rate with Cardio Training


Cardio training at our Corpus Christi gym means you can walk, jog, run, row, or step your way to greater aerobic fitness. We have plenty of equipment for you to choose from, so you’ll never have to wait to get your exercise on. Each cardio machine also comes equipped with a monitor – so you can watch your favorite shows while you work out.

Looking for a weight loss solution in Corpus Christi? Ramping up your heart rate with cardio training means that you’re increasing your metabolism for greater fat and calorie burn. You’ll also tone your muscles and strengthen your overall health too. And it doesn’t matter how fast or how hard you exercise. The great thing about cardio training is that even just a little movement leads to better fitness. With our single station equipment, you can exercise at your own pace and challenge yourself to worker longer and harder with each workout.

Mix it up with circuit training at our gym in Corpus Christi, which is a hard core combination of strength and cardio. You’ll also find plenty of cardio equipment in the private women’s only area.f

Stop by Freedom Fitness and check out our cardio equipment. Get started today and give us a try!