Free Weights
Sculpt & Define with Strength Training

There’s nothing more exciting than lifting some weights and feeling the results almost immediately. When you exercise at our Corpus Christi gym, you can choose from a large selection of weights to build muscle, work on your weight loss, or tone your body. We have free weights, dumbbells, barbells, and squat racks available for you to use.

While cardio training is essential to increasing your heart rate, strength training is also a fitness fundamental. Exercising with weights and resistance not only builds and tones muscles, but it also ramps up your metabolism for greater calorie/fat burn and weight loss.

You can work out on our selection of free weights, dumbbells, and single station machines, or try out our Boot Camp small group training. Our gym in Corpus Christi also offers circuit training, the perfect combination of cardio and strength, for an intense, timed workout that is intense, full-body exercise.

If you’re new to strength training and free weights, start out with a personal trainer at our gym in Corpus Christi. You’ll learn safe techniques for lifting, as well as the type of workout (including intensity and duration) that will produce results.

Come check out our free weights, try us out. We have the gear, training, and support you need to achieve your fitness goals.