Matt B.
Since I've been working out at Freedom Fitness I've lost 75 pounds, and I'm not done yet! I've been loosing weight, not my bank account!

Jakki C.
Working out at FF is like having multiple gyms at my disposal: the dark cardio room is perfect for days I want to push it, the circuit training room helps me get through strength workouts when I don't have time or energy to hit the main weight room, and the main room has every piece of cardio & weight equipment I could ever hope for!

Renee B.
I Love Freedom Fitness because there are no contracts.

Amanda M.
The fitness trainers really jump-started my workout program and the staff is so nice and always helpful!

Christopher P.
I really like the TV's on the cardio equipment, it makes my workout go by faster.

Desarae Q.
The price is awesome, free tanning beds, they're open almost all the time, AND I've lost 20 pounds already.

Marcus M
The price says it all, nowhere else can you get this kind of service and value for your money. Not to mention that it's an awesome clean facility with great hours.

Taite E.
I love FF because I can go anytime, there are tons of cardio machines, and the environment is super
comfortable. It's the only gym I have ever stuck with!

Veronica J.
I enjoy my workouts at Freedom. I have worked out at other clubs, but Freedom is my favorite. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I love your gym!

Marc Anthony
(facebook friend, Brownsville Location)
I gotta say, being in the military I've been to gyms all over the United States and your Gym, BY FAR, HANDS DOWN, is the CLEANEST gym I've been in. Your staff is very professional and your kids area is EXCELLENT!! Kuddos to you guys and keep up the GREAT WORK!!