Reluctant to Lift Weights?

Reluctant to Lift Weights?

3 Amazing Benefits of Strength Training

What image comes to mind when you think about weight lifting? Do you envision someone with chiseled arms and a six-pack? It’s true that strength training is the best way to build and define muscle, but working out with weights provides so much more. There are additional health benefits that you may not have realized.

If you’re a seasoned lifter, you already know that strength training is about more than muscle bulk; however, for those who have had second thoughts about strength training — read on and learn why you should reconsider adding it to your fitness routine!

Expanding your workout to include weights may seem intimidating at first, but by slowly incorporating it into your routine, you’ll find improvements in other aspects of your health too.

Heart Health

If you thought heart health was limited to cardio exercise, think again! In a recent study by the American College of Sports Medicine, researchers found that strength training and resistance exercise was just as beneficial to cardiovascular health as aerobic exercise. Who knew, right?  Working out with weights, even with low resistance, improves blood flow and can strengthen your ticker against diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol / triglyceride levels.

Bone and Joint Health

Weight lifting strengthens muscles, yes, but it also strengthens bones and joints — important especially for women in preventing osteoporosis, reducing the risk of injury from daily functional activities (like carrying toddlers and groceries or lifting heavy boxes), and improving balance to prevent falls.

Weight Loss

A workout with weights helps burn fat! Yes, you read that right! If your routine is heavy on cardio training (but you’re not seeing results), try adding strength training. Don’t worry about building body mass, because muscle tissue is lean and it burns calories!

Strength training in Corpus Christi health club

Even seniors benefit from weight training as it helps improve flexibility and strength. For those experiencing arthritis, it’s important to keep muscles strong and functional to support bones and joints. Our gyms also offer group classes, like Senior Strength & Flex, as a fun way to incorporate strength training into a routine.

Before jumping into a workout with barbells, free weights and resistance machines, consider working with one of our personal trainers first. Freedom Fitness personal trainers provide one-on-one guidance for safe equipment use, proper form, and the right amount of weight and repetitions to prevent injury — and help you reach your goals.

Have we convinced you yet? Strength training isn’t just for toning and defining; it’s a great workout by itself or in addition to aerobics for overall health and wellness.

Contact our Corpus Christi gyms — and claim a free pass to check out all that we have to offer!