personal trainers assisting members on fitness equipment

Is Personal Training For Me?


What You Can Expect from Personal Trainers in Corpus Christi

Can you identify with any of these statements?

  • I’m new to the gym and have no idea where to start.
  • I need direction so that my workouts are the best use of my time at the gym.
  • I’ve hit a plateau and I’m bored with my routine.

Do any of those sound like you? Personal training might be your solution. Perhaps you never thought of it, but personal trainers are available at our Corpus Christi gyms for every stage of fitness. Both gym newbies and elite athletes alike can benefit from a fresh start with the guidance of a certified trainer.

Ready to up your fitness game? Here’s what you can expect from personal training.

ExperiencePersonal trainers are fitness professionals who are ready to share their knowledge. It’s their goal to ensure you reach your fitness goals — whether it’s a weight loss solution, improved health, or more muscle mass.

When you first meet a personal trainer, he or she will take the time to listen and find out what you want to achieve in the gym, assess your current fitness level, and learn what fitness activities you’ll enjoy most.


Your personal trainer will help you develop an action plan to achieve success. Based on your fitness level and goals, together you’ll come up with a routine that is an effective and efficient use of your gym time.

Do you need to start from scratch — or are you looking for a new and fresh way to kickstart your metabolism? Personal trainers can offer new ideas to get you started or to break that plateau. Fresh perspectives always help!


Feeling discouraged? Your personal trainer is your fitness champion who will help you keep your eyes on the prize with support and inspiration.


When you feel like slacking or cutting corners, your personal trainer will help you stay on target!


Whatever your fitness goals and exercise preferences, you can expect results from personal training.

It takes commitment to improve your health and wellness, we get that. Sometimes it’s hard. But personal trainers at Freedom Fitness are your fitness advocates, ready to teach, rally, and cheerlead you to success.

Take that first step. Find the Freedom Fitness location nearest you and learn more about personal training in Corpus Christi.