Relaxing and enjoying red light therapy.

Harness the Healing Power of Red Light Therapy

A Natural Wellness Option at Our Calallen Gym

It’s a daily battle. Every day our bodies are exposed to various forms of stress that affect our physical and emotional well-being. From tension at home or work, to the effects of environmental toxins, our bodies go through a lot every day. Even at the gym. Continuous high-intensity training, with no rest days in between, can be taxing.

One innovative new way to promote recovery and improve the wellness of both mind and body is red light therapy. Have you heard of it?

Red light therapy at our Calallen gym is a safe, holistic approach to healing that’s been gaining a lot of traction. It involves the use of specific wavelengths of low-level red light to stimulate your body’s natural healing process — and there are numerous benefits. It may be just the answer you’ve been seeking to alleviate stress, reduce inflammation, relax stiff muscles, relieve joint pain, and improve skin texture.

Just What Is It?

Red light therapy is an alternative approach to recovery – and it’s NOT the same as UV light, which can damage the skin. On the contrary, red light therapy regenerates and repairs damaged tissue by increasing the circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

In fact, it’s been shown to not only support healthy stress levels and relieve pain, but red light therapy also provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that reduce signs of aging — so say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles!

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a simple way to get healthier and look younger, then red light therapy could be the perfect solution. Working out at our gym in Calallen is a great way to get moving and feel better about yourself. Likewise, enjoying one of our amenities, like red light therapy, can round our your fitness routine to the max.

Why not take time out of your busy day and try it!