Keep Your Fitness Front and Center

Ideas for Balancing Your Thanksgiving Feast and Fitness

As we approach the season of Thanksgiving, it’s time to embrace the joy, warmth, and, yes, the bountiful food that comes with it. But as we gather around the table to give thanks, let’s not forget our commitment to health and fitness.

Believe us, our gyms in Corpus Christi understand the allure of that perfectly roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and sweet pumpkin pie. It’s easy to get carried away and treat yourself a bit too generously. Remember, though, that every bite adds up and before you know it, you could be consuming more calories than you’d anticipate.

How about trying a different approach this year? Instead of defaulting to the traditional high-calorie dishes, why not explore lower-calorie versions? With a little creativity in the kitchen, you can whip up delicious, healthier alternatives. Imagine a succulent roast turkey with a fresh herb rub or a bowl of mashed cauliflower with garlic and chives that tastes just as comforting as your regular mashed potatoes. And don’t get us started on a delectable crustless pumpkin pie!

Besides being mindful of what you eat, it’s equally important to stay active. Don’t let the holiday festivities become an excuse to skip your workout routine. Even if you can’t make it to our Corpus Christ fitness center, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home. How about a quick 20-minute HIIT workout before the family gathering or a brisk walk afterward?

We understand it’s a festive time and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. But remember, fitness is not just a goal; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about making conscious choices that benefit your health. Stay committed, stay healthy, and most importantly, stay thankful for the body you’re working hard to maintain.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Freedom Fitness gyms in Corpus Christi.


Before you start an exercise program or make changes to your nutrition, it’s important to consult with your doctor. This article is intended for information and ideas and is not a substitute for professional care. When it comes to training, your doctor is the best person to help you determine the safest and healthiest approach, especially if you have chronic or recurring health concerns.