Exercise – It’s a Stress Buster!

Tame Your Tension with Regular Workouts

If you’re searching for a way to de-stress, consider adding exercise to your daily routine. You’ll find that regular workouts have plenty of benefits for your physical and emotional health; plus, it’s a great way to boost your energy.

Most of us experience tension in our lives, whether it’s work-related stress, family drama, or just the day-to-day grind. Whatever the source, anxiety and tension can really take their toll. But here’s the good news!

Exercise helps you refocus, recenter, and strengthen both your body and mind. Here are a few ways that exercise at our Corpus Christi gyms is a real stress buster.

  • When you’re feeling stressed, take a walk or ride a bike.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and need to clear your head, a walk, run, or bike ride can be an amazing way to do just that. Not only will it help improve your clarity and take your mind off stressful situations, but jumping on a treadmill or stationary bike also revs your heart rate and boosts your metabolism.

  • Take some deep breaths.

Wherever you are, take a few minutes during the day to focus on breathing. Breathing deeply and slowly is not only calming and centering, but it also helps release muscle tension.

It’s hard to find time in our busy days to take a break and reconnect with ourselves, so try carving out tiny moments throughout your day to take three deep breaths. Put a reminder on your watch or phone so you can practice this peaceful habit at least once a day.

You may even want to spend some time relaxing in our hydromassage beds. Breathe deeply, feel the soothing heat, and feel stress and muscle tension melting away…

  • Stretch.

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to release tension from your muscles, and group fitness classes are a great way to get started. Yoga teaches gentle, stretching poses that help you concentrate on your breathing and body awareness, and it can be modified for every age and skill level. If you’re a mature adult, our gyms in Corpus Christi also offer senior fitness options to help stretch muscles, strengthen joints, and ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Group exercise is also a great way to expand your social circle with new friends who have common goals.

  • Make the commitment.

Here’s the thing. Exercising to reduce stress isn’t a one-time deal; it requires a regular schedule that keeps your body strong and flexible. When you work out, endorphins (also known as the “feel good” hormones) are released for a natural calm. Something as simple as a treadmill jog or a fun Zumba class will pump up your energy levels and boost your mood.

All-in-all, exercise is a great tool for physical and emotional health. Find a way to work out that you’ll enjoy and stick with it. Fit it into your schedule and make it a practice. Use exercise to tame your tension!