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Spinning: A Low Impact Exercise with High Impact Results

Want Gains? Jump on a Bike at Freedom Fitness!

Stationary bicycles have come a long way — and one thing’s for sure, there is nothing static about spinning!

Spinning is the fitness craze that has gained worldwide popularity. Not only is it popular, it’s proving to be one of the best bangs for your workout buck. It’s not just about burning calories, although just one hour of spinning can burn between 600-1000 calories!

One of the advantages of riding a spin bike is that it allows the rider to stand up while training. Standing up helps to maximize weight loss. In fact, spin bikes are designed to help you meet your weight loss goals.

This full-body, fully customizable workout offers riders an effective and efficient way to decrease stress, to improve core strength and to enhance strength overall. Spinning builds mental toughness and promotes a healthy heart.

Perhaps you don’t like to work out alone. Why not try a spinning class? One huge benefit to taking a spinning class is the opportunity to train with others while building a sense of community with like-minded individuals, all of whom are on a fitness journey of their own.

A group class will help you learn how to interval train, a way to combine high and low intensity workouts. You will be motivated by instructors who guide you through your workout all the while encouraging you to give your best efforts. Exercising in a group setting can be a great deal of fun and help add variety to your workout.

Whether you choose to train solo or you choose to spin in a group, your glutes, your thighs, your calves, and your heart will thank you. And, if you choose to stick with it, you will quickly see gains in your overall health and fitness!