Are Your Fitness Goals Within Reach?

Are Your Fitness Goals Within Reach?

Mid-Year Motivation from Freedom Fitness


Here we are, halfway through the year already. Remember those fitness goals you set back on New Year’s Day? How’s it going?

Our Corpus Christi gyms understand the yearly tradition of pledging self-improvement, but we also realize that interest is usually lost within the first few weeks. It’s tough to stay motivated, especially when goals are unrealistic.

Setting Reasonable Goals

Here’s the deal. Lofty long-term goals are only great if you can attain them. While you may have a target in mind, a specific weight you’d like to achieve, for example, we suggest tackling it in small bites.

Start slowly and keep it real. Be honest. What can you realistically accomplish? Begin with modest goals that are attainable. Smaller successes will help you build confidence in reaching that end goal.

Get Moving!

Setting goals is great, but then you have to do something about it! Don’t just talk the talk — get in the gym and start moving! Find a fitness activity you’ll enjoy and stick with it.

Does the energy of others keep you motivated? Group fitness classes surround you with positive vibes — and they can be fun! Prefer to workout alone? Single station equipment, whether cardio or strength, gives you the opportunity to exercise by yourself. We’ll help you find that workout format that lets you do you!

Reward Yourself

As the days and weeks progress — and you find it harder and harder to get to the gym — remember your initial excitement and pledge to self-care.

And reward yourself when you show up, do the work, and meet the goals you’ve set.

You deserve a big congratulations and pat on the back — just don’t reward yourself with high-calorie treats that will sabotage your hard work!

Partners in Fitness

We strongly believe in the health and wellness of our community, and our gyms in Corpus Christi would like to be your partners in fitness.

Let us walk the journey with you. We’ll help you identify those goals and develop a plan, with proper exercise and nutrition, to achieve them.

We believe in you too!