Strength training in Corpus Christi health club

Grow Stronger as You Age!

Grow Stronger as You Age!

Strength Training for Seniors in Corpus Christi

It’s never too late! You’re never too advanced in years to take charge of your health! In fact, there are plenty of benefits to exercise at any age, and that includes 70s, 80s, and beyond.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about basic exercise that starts slowly and advances as you grow stronger and more comfortable with the routine. And if you think you’re too old or out of shape to take on a workout, think again!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC)Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has conducted extensive research on the benefits of regular exercise, specifically strength training, for seniors.

Health Benefits

Strength training keeps muscles strong for better balance and mobility, and, ultimately, greater independence. Exercise also helps increase bone mass to prevent osteoporosis, falls, and broken bones. Other health concerns that benefit from exercise include arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease.

Safety Benefits

Aging impacts our bodies a number of ways, including loss of muscle mass and strength, reduced balance, and diminished range of motion.

Working out with light weights, even from a seated position, helps keep muscles and bones strong to reduce the risk of falling and sustaining injury. With improved range of motion and mobility also comes the ability to maintain independence as you perform activities of daily living.

First Steps

Before beginning any exercise program, always check with your doctor first for any physical limitations or restrictions.

Getting started with exercise can be intimidating at first, especially if you’ve never been in a gym. There’s good news! Freedom Fitness gyms in Corpus Christi provides clean, safe and friendly environments for every age.

Begin by consulting one of our expert personal trainers, fitness professionals who can assess your current level and help you identify easy-to-reach goals. Personal trainers also demonstrate use of equipment, particularly free weights, for safe and effective exercise.

Some of our Corpus Christi locations offer Senior Strength and Flexibility group classes for a fun, social way to workout.

Take that first step today – it’s never too late!