Free Weights
Strengthen, Tone, & Define with Free Weights

At our Southside Corpus Christi gym, we have a large selection of strength training equipment to choose from, including free weights, dumbbells, barbells, and resistance machines. By lifting weights, you can improve your health and tone your body. You may even lose weight!

Not many think of strength training as a weight loss solution, but exercising with weights and resistance launches your metabolism to greater calorie and fat burning potential. Combine your lifting routine with some cardio training, and you’ve increased your health and fitness levels even more.

With plenty of single station racks, resistance machines, and free weights, our gym in Southside Corpus Christi provides lots of strength training options for you to choose from. We also offer boot camp and circuit training as high-intensity options that are full-body workouts combining strength and cardio.

New to Freedom Fitness? A personal trainer can get you started learning safe lifting techniques and the proper intensity and duration for your goals and skill level.

Stop by anytime and check out our free weights and strength training equipment. We have the gear you need to succeed!

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