woman working out on a cardio machine

Take Time for Fitness

Women’s Health Matters at Freedom Fitness in Corpus Christi


Women have the tendency to take care of everyone in the family, sometimes to the exclusion of their own health and fitness.


Kids, pets, significant others, aging parents — you get the point. Sometimes that leaves little time for self-care.


We get it. We know that time is precious, but so is your fitness.


Fitness means more than working out with weights or running on a treadmill. Exercise keeps you MOVING — which is so important to muscle strength, weight loss, and overall women’s health; but exercise also provides an outlet for stress and a way to achieve mind/body balance. Freedom Fitness offers just a few reasons why you should add exercise to your daily routine:


    1. Exercise strengthens muscles for daily tasks.

      Some everyday activities — like lifting toddlers and toting grocery bags — can lead to muscle strain and fatigue. Functional training provides equipment to help prime muscles and teach them to work together as a unit of strength.


      Exercising with tools like kettlebells, ropes, resistance tubes, and stability balls improves strength and flexibility for all the squatting, bending, tugging, and pulling tasks you accomplish every day. You’ll feel the power — without the strain!


    1. Daily exercise improves heart health.

      According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is not just a men’s health concern. Women are affected too, just as much as men, but you can take steps to prevent heart disease.


      Regular exercise and good nutrition will go a long way toward protecting your heart — and revving your heart rate is also a great way to start burning calories and fat. Our personal trainers in Corpus Christi are on hand to help you develop a program that includes sound nutritional advice and an exercise routine that suits your level of fitness and goals.


      P.S. — Do you know the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke?


  1. Stress relief

    There’s a definite mind/body connection when it comes to wellness, and “me” time is essentially to managing stress. A vigorous and fun group exercise class (like Zumba) can get those “feel good” endorphins flowing, as can the relaxing stretches of yoga or Pilates.


    Or maybe a few minutes on one of our hydromassage chairs will help take the knots out. Our Freedom Fitness gyms in Corpus Christi provide private women’s only exercise areas and childcare services too!


When it’s time for “Dr. Mom” to prescribe some wellness activities for herself, stop by one of our locations today — or contact us now to find your fitness!