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Ready to Drop Those Pounds?

Ready to Drop Those Pounds?

Freedom Fits Provides the Recipe for Weight Loss in Corpus Christi

It’s an easy equation. Healthy eating plus consistent exercise equals successful weight loss.

Simple, right? Well, it does take the right mindset, the proper tools, and a major commitment to improve your health and fitness. Our Corpus Christi gyms are on your team, and we provide the motivation, training, and encouragement you need for serious results.

If you’re ready to take the scale down a notch or two, let’s look at this winning recipe for weight loss.

How Much Should You Munch?

If you’re planning to improve your eating habits, well, yay! But don’t feel pressured to change your diet overnight. Take it slow and tackle these tips to maintain healthier eating habits in the long run.

    • Add fresh produce to your meals. Eating more fruits and veg will add the essential nutrients and fiber you need to keep your body operating at full speed.


    • Go easy on salt. It makes food taste better, but the overuse of salt often contributes to health issues such as high blood pressure and water retention. Keeping the saltshaker out of sight can help, and so can carefully reading labels at the grocery store. It also pays to follow these strategies:
      – Eat fresh foods rather than canned or processed.
      – Try reduced-sodium versions of condiments like ketchup and soy sauce.
      – Use herbs and spices to flavor your food.


    • Curb the carbs. We know, we know. This isn’t the best year to start cutting out comfort foods; but do your best to avoid snacks and desserts that contain white flour and refined sugar.

Just know that not all carbohydrates are not bad, either. Complex carbs, such as those found in whole grains and brown rice, are great additions to your meals — especially before working out.


Walk before you run.

We know that everyone is different, so our health clubs offer plenty of options. Whether you prefer to exercise solo on a bike or treadmill — or you need to soak up the energy of a group exercise class — Freedom Fitness offers services and amenities for everyone from the fitness novice to the seasoned athlete.

Working out on a regular basis revs your metabolism and burns calories. Begin your exercise routine at our Corpus Christi gyms with one of our certified personal trainers. A personal trainer will assess your fitness level, identify your weight loss goals, and get you on the right path.


You have to take baby steps before you can take on a marathon, and it’s easiest to find an exercise routine you’ll stick to and enjoy. You’re more likely to succeed if you go after it in small bites — and achieve success — rather than trying to conquer it all from the get-go and burning out quickly.


Choose one of the Freedom Fitness locations nearest you and get started. It’s never too late to start building a new you!