Circuit Training
Burn Calories, Shred Fat with Circuit Training

Circuit training is a high intensity routine that combines both cardio and strength into one super workout. You’ll use a variety of equipment in our Corpus Christi gym, including free weights, treadmills, and more. The objective is to complete circuits quickly, with very little rest in between actions, to amp up your resting heart rate for greater gains in strength, endurance, and calorie/fat burn.

Run on a treadmill, go work on your legs, then lift weights. Do crunches to work on your core, then circle back and start all over again. You’ll stay active as you move quickly through the timed stations, so you’ll quickly learn that this workout isn’t boring!

If you’re new to the gym, trainers at Freedom Fitness can help you get started with circuit training and work with you to set up a routine that targets specific areas. They’ll also help you learn the correct technique for safety and effectiveness, and guide you toward the proper intensity and duration for your goals.

Circuit training at our gym in Corpus Christi, located on Alameda, will work you hard. Are you up for the challenge? Give us a call to learn more about circuit training or stop by and try it out!