Circuit Training
Power Up with Circuit Training

Ever find yourself thinking about what to do next when you’re at our Corpus Christi gym?

Circuit training can help get you out of that rut — and we have the perfect setup at our South Padre Island location.

Circuit training moves you quickly between cardio and strength training machines, working different areas of your body. By keeping the movement going, you are constantly getting some form of exercise, whether you are running on the treadmill or lifting a free weight.

The goal is to complete the circuits fast, with very little rest in between, to charge up your resting heart rate for greater gains in endurance, calorie and fat burn, and muscle strength. This is one workout that is never boring or flat!

Personal trainers at our Freedom Fitness SPID location are on hand to get you started with a circuit training routine that is safe and effective. Learn how to target specific areas, the correct technique for safety, and the proper intensity and duration for your fitness goals.

You’ll be challenged and you’ll work hard with circuit training, but that’s how you take it to the next level. Are you up for it? Come by for a tour, try us out, or call us to learn more about high intensity circuit training at our gym in Corpus Christi.



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