FREE Weights
Crush Your Goals with Strength Training

Lifting weights at our Corpus Christi gym will help you lose body fat, build muscle and improve your metabolism.

Our equipment includes free weights, dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, and resistance machines to mention a few. By lifting weights, you reduce your risk of osteoporosis and you improve your posture and back. Plus, confidence, happiness and less stress are also great benefits of strength training too!

Some prefer group energy to get their strength training done. Freedom Fitness SPID also offers boot camp, a high-intensity small group training program that combines strength and cardio for a fat-burning, muscle-building, high intensity workout that’s like no other. We also offer circuit training, another routine that combines short bursts of cardio and strength training activities.

If you’re new to lifting, a personal trainer will help you develop a routine and learn safe technique, intensity, and duration. In a rut with your workout? A personal trainer can will help you break through that plateau, create a new routine, and charge up your motivation again.

Stop by our gym in Corpus Christi and check us out. Take a look at our strength training area, give us a try. Your fitness is our mission!



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